Who makes the leather items?

My name is Julia Ferguson, owner and creator of all of the leather items on the website, besides the leather and turquoise earrings. Each item is handmade by myself, handmade items do take lots of patience and dedication.

When was Crooked Skull Leather started?

Crooked Skull Leather was started in 2016 while I was finishing up college at Tarleton State University. I had been working with leather a few years before I opened for business but knew that was a career I wanted to pursue. Once I finished college, I hit the road attending roadshows where I would have a booth and sell my leather items.

Where does the name Crooked Skull Leather come from?

The name Crooked Skull Leather was thought of before I was officially opened for business. The original name was going to be For the Love of Leather, but I thought that was not very fitting. I have always loved cowskulls where their horns were crooked, one up one down, because it made them unique and not perfect…which better fit me. So I played around with the name a bit and ended up with Crooked Skull Leather!

What do I do about my damaged product I bought awhile back?

Each leather item is handmade, with wear and tear it is possible that a product previously bought eventually breaks. If this has happened please reach out to Crooked Skull Leather via email and it will get taken care of. Customer pays for the shipping cost of getting the item back to Crooked Skull Leather. Discoloration is not included in this, leather does tend to darken and look worn over time.

I would love a custom item, how do I go about that?

Unfortunately, Crooked Skull Leather does not do any custom items. I like to allow my own creative juices to flow and don’t like to be fenced in on what I come up with. This includes doing revamps on any type of purse of any brand.

Do you set up at any shows?

YES!! Attending roadshows is one of my favorite things to do with Crooked Skull Leather! I love to meet customers and find new customers, it gives me a chance to hear what items they are looking for and always gets my brain turning!! Follow Crooked Skull Leather on Facebook or Instagram to get updated on shows I am attending!!